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Products and Services

The products & services of Luminnova can be summarized as project development, grant acquisition and project management.

Project development

  • Development of clear and concise project plans:
    • Define clear project ideas and objectives
    • Realize a robust work plan with concrete tasks, responsibilities and timelines
    • Setting up an easy financial administration
  • Development of new alliances with project partners:
    • Between companies (large companies or SME’s, suppliers, end users, knowledge providers, OEM’s)
    • Between companies, universities, education, research institutes and governments
    • Governmental consortia
  • From stand-alone-projects up to full-scale national or European consortia

In other words: the development of a plan from head to toe: who is doing what why when how and with which resources.

Grant acquisition

  • Exploration of financial project needs
  • Identify potential grants, subsidy or loan schemes
  • Writing and submission of grant applications
  • Consultation with grant authorities
  • In regional, national or in European schemes

Project management

  • General project management
  • Help in financial and administrative management

Luminnova provides her services on the basis of a fixed hourly rate for project development and project management. In the area of grant acquisition our clients can choose between a fixed hourly rate or a fixed no-cure-no-pay percentage based on the overall submitted grant. Please get in contact for more details without engagement.